Monday, March 15, 2010

Teen Girl's Daybook #10, A Tag, and my very own GIVEAWAY!

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Date... March 15, 2010
Starting time... 5:09 PM
Mood... a bit disappointed
Outside my window... spring is starting to come into action! :D
I'm thinking... about basketball
I'm reading... The Odyssey (still)
I'm listening to... my mother and my sister discuss all the commercials that come onto the tv
I'm wearing... an OBX tshirt and leggings
Yesterday, I... flamingoed some yards! :D
I'm sad because... a few different reasons.
I'm hungry for... Chocolate... *sigh*
The song stuck inside my head is... "No One Like You" by Barlowgirl (I it's by them anyway...)
I want... I have no idea...
I love... my family
I loathe... unpleasant surprises.
This week, my goal is... to memorize Isaiah 49: 28-31
Did I meet last week's goal?... That would be a negative :(
Ending time... 5:52 PM

I had to stop in the middle of that. A very serious case of Law & Order going on, you see :P .

Here is the tag from Eldarwen ( :

1. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be? Umm... Probably Greece. We have been learning about it in school and I have always like it.

2. Why did you start blogging? Well, I starting blogging two years ago, when I was 13, and I don't really remember having a specific reason. I think I just thought it would be incredibly cool. (And I was right! :D )

3. What is your ambition? Ah, now that is a good question. As of right now, I am just trying to figure out what God wants me to do. I would like to become a photographer.

4. How many siblings do you have? I have three siblings. Jackie (13), Joseph (11), and Benjamin (4).
5. What's your favorite subject in school? Er... Well, I really don't have a "favorite". But I do like reading and music.

6. What is your favorite Bible verse? WAY to many to chose from! But I like Joshua 1:9, Isaiah 49:13, and Philippians 4:13. Just to name a few. ;)

7. What is one of your hobbies? Writing. I love to write. I just recently started a new story tat I call 'Fire'. If anybody wants to know what it is about post a comment!

8. If someone handed you a five dollar bill, what would you do with it?
a. slip it in your wallet and think, "Ooh, this will buy me a yummy meal at Sonic!"
b. shove it in your pocket and forget about it, then while you're doing laundry you find it and say, "Hey, mom! Here's that five dollar bill I got the other day!"
c. give it to your younger sibling. It's just five dollars.
d. use it to buy that homeless man a meal.
hmm... probably 'a'. Just take out 'yummy meal at Sonic' and then insert 'book at the used bookstore!' :P

9. If your sibling came to you with their math book and asked for help, you'd say:
a. "Oh, here, let me help you."
b. "Too bad. I'm not good at math. Go ask mom."
c. "I'm sorry, I'm not very good at math. Can you go ask someone else?"
d. "I'm not good at math, but I'll try!"
Probably a, but then they would most likely go to mom anyway because I confused them further! :P

10. If you could have one of the following abilities, which would it be?
a. singing
b. sewing
c. skateboarding
d. song writing
e. guitar playing
f. swimming
g. writing
h. riding a bike
I think I would pick d. That would be so great! :D :D :D

I tag anyone who wants to put this on their blog!

So about this giveaway then! I have decided that I am going to have a giveaway for my two year blogging anniversary! :D So I am going to be giving away a Katie's Kreations necklace and a pair of earrings. You can go to to see the necklaces and to to see the earrings. You will be able to pick out the colors you want in your necklace or earrings and then I will ship them to you. :D

Here are the rules:
1. To be entered, just post a comment saying that you want to be entered into the drawing.
2. For extra entries:
a. become a follower of my blog (if you are already a follower it still counts, but please tell me that you are follower. Also, if you become a follow on bloglovin it counts but you have to tell me! )

b.write a post on your blog about my giveaway

c. if people find their way over to my giveaway from your blog, have them tell me that you were the person who sent them over! I will give you another entry for every person that you get to enter.

d. create a design that I could use for a blog button. I would like it to say 'Playing for Him' and then somewhere to say 'Joshua 1:9' or the actual verse if you have room. Besides that, be creative! I want to see what you get out of my blog on that button! ;)

e. If you don't know how to make a blog button (don't feel bad! I don't either :P ) post your favorite Bible verse in a comment.

3. There will be two winners that I will randomly select. The first person will get a necklace and the second will get the earrings.

4. I will only ship within the USA. Sorry! :-/


Now, I may add more to that, and if I do, I will let everyone know! Also, feel free to take the pictures of my jewelry from those pages up there for your blog posts! The giveaway ends on the last day of March, so hurry and get in on it all! ;)


Lindsay said...

I already follow!! =)

Lindsay said...

Oh, I would love to enter your giveaway, Katie! I would have to win the necklace though, because my ears aren't pierced. You make some beautiful jewelry, girl! :)

Fashionablylate said...

I just became a follower on bloglovin :D

Thanks doll!

Fashionablylate said...

Oooh Oooh pick me! I want to enter!!! :D

Love ya Katie! *blows kiss*

Fashionablylate said...

2 Timothy 1:10
"For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, and love, and of a sound mind."

My favorite verse, I'm going to get a tattoo of it. :D

Shaynie said...

I also follow your blog!

Shaynie said...

Enter me!! Those are such pretty earrings!

Shaynie said...

I don't know how to make a blog button (too bad because I need one for my blog) but my fave Bible verse is 2 Peter 5:7!