Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Happy 13th Birthday, Jackie!

Tuesday was my younger sister's 13th birthday! Jackie is now an official teen!
We started the day out by taking the whole family out to eat for breakfast. Then my parents, Jackie, and I all went to the mall to get Jackie a pair of black Converse that she has been asking for for a while now.

While we were at the mall we decided to take a ride on the carousal. You can see my dad below riding on his faster-then-lighting zebra! Jackie decided on a panda and I rode a tiger that came complete with a very hard, plastic back! :D My mother decided to just take pictures.

We went out to eat for lunch and then it was off to the beach for Jackie's birthday pictures. Each year, my Mom takes us out somewhere and we do our birthday pictures. Jackie chose the beach. So while Jackie and Momma went around taking pictures, Daddy and I went around trying to find shelter from the chilly wind. I also took a few pictures with my digicam.

I know that Jackie isn't actually in this one, but I really like it! What do you think?

And then! We went to COLD STONE CREAMERY!!!! If you have never been to this place, you need to go ASAP. It's awesome. Anyway, that picture down there is my mother, Jackie, and I all enjoying our various ice creams. YUM.

So happy 13th birthday, Jackie! I love you!


Lindsay said...

Happy birthday to your sister!! It looks like she's having a great day. Oh, yeah.... Cold Stone Creamery is sooo good, but I always have to get a small serving, because everything there is so rich! :)

Eldarwen said...

Happy birthday, Jackie! I hope it was a good one! =D