Saturday, July 18, 2009

Church Camp and Katie's Kreations Necklaces and Sets

First of all, some pictures of my necklaces and jewelry sets that I have made. The pink one ended up being Jackie's. It looks a whole lot like her, huh? love smileys

This one was one of my favorites. A lot of the beads are actually magnets. VERY COOL! happy smileys

And now for (Drum roll, please!) ~
Well, I just spent about five days at one of the best camps in the WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD!!!! I had so much fun! I woke up everyday at about 7:00 am and breakfast was at 8:30. After breakfast we would go up to the tabernacle and have a morning devotion. After the wonderful devotions, we would go to our electives. My elective was PAINTBALL!!! It was so much fun! The first day I played, I went out there and got shot in the neck. OOPS... scuba diving in Thailand It started bleeding and I had the camp nurse look at it. All she had to do was clean it. After that was lunch and then game time. After games, we went back to the cabins and got cleaned up for church in the evenings. Church is always my favorite part of the day. We have a great worship service! After the service, we had one or two more games and then it was time to go to bed and do the whole thing over again tomorrow! I had a WONDERFUL time and am planning to go back for Virginia Church of God Youth Camp 2010!

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Rachel B said...

WOW!! These are so cool, Katie! I love them a lot! I don't think I could pick a favourite from them. You're really talented! :D