Monday, September 22, 2008

Moving/OBX pictures and a few reviews

BOO! He, he.. Yes, it is finally me! After not writing for almost a month, I AM BACK!!!!!!!!! So, I took that picture up there on our way to the OBX, about 2 weeks ago. I think I am going to to change my picture over there in the 'about me' thingy. This year, at the OBX Benjamin swam for the first time! YAY BANJAMIN!!!!! He looked really cute in his swim vest that Tia Shannon gave him. As you can most likely tell from the picture, he LOVED swimming! unhappy smileys
Yep... That's my Mom..... Can you tell we don't play put-put much?!?!?!

And that's my Dad. When we took this picture, we were all at our new home, taking a break from unpacking. We saw a butterfly and went to see if we could catch it. Well, it, uh, kinda caught my dad......... He, he....?

Well, if you want to know more about how the move was or the OBX, you should go to my Mom's blog ( ).

OH! Joseph now has a blog. It is . It is pretty cool.


These are some books that I enjoyed:



This book was GREAT! When Nathen Shepard's parents are murdered, his world turns upside-down. He has to go to a "safe-house" before the murderer gets him too. Then he discovers a mirror them shows different realms and a camera that takes pictures of things that aren't really there. He also finds out that his parents might not really be dead! I'm not going to let anything thing else out though, so if you want to the answers to these questions, you will have to read the book!!!!!!

Raising Dragons

(Dragons in our Midst Series)

By Bryan Davis

Billy Bannister has always had a good life. But, then he discovers a dark family secret that his Dad has tried to keep hidden from him. At school he meets a girl, Bonnie Silver, who has a disturbing secret. And to top it all off, the Principal is out to get Billy's dad. I really liked the book!

The Candlestone

(Dragons in our MIdst Series)

By Bryan Davis

When Bonnie's dad suddenly shows up and tries to take her away from her new found friends, she has a choice to make. Should she try to stay here with her friends and possibly taken away by force, or should she just go and leave it be? And, sense saying anything else will give the rest of the story away, I won't say anything else! Well, I will say that this book is better than I have made it sound! mad smileys

Circles of Seven

(Dragons in our Midst Series)

By Bryan Davis

This is my personal favorite of this series! Billy and Bonnie have to go into seven different dimensions together. Along the way they get separated! With both of them in mortal danger, can their friends back home help them? Will the get out of the dimensions alive?

Tears of a Dragon

(Dragons in our Midst Series)

By Bryan Davis

Billy's Dad is missing and there is a war to be fought. Billy and Bonnie must find Billy's Dad in order to win the battle. When they learn that he might be in a different diminsion, a place called Dragon's Rest, Billy is ready to give the ultimite sacrafice to get his dad out. This is also a REALLY good book. That is the end of this series, if you want to find out more about these books, then go to Bryan Davis' web site at: -or- (That's his blog.)

Eye of the Oracle

(Oracles of Fire Series)

By Bryan Davis

Mara wants out of the slave chamber that she has lived in all her life with her evil mistress, Morgan. One day she finds out that a boy, who has been starved and beaten my Morgan, is on the other side wall! Will they ever get out?

And, once again I cannot really think of away to out any more of a review on here without giving away the book, so you guys will just have to read the books! cool smileys ( EVIL LAUGH!!!)

Enoch's Ghost

(Oracles of Fire Series)

By Bryan Davis

Ashley and Walter are on a quest to find Ashley's brother, Gabriel. On the way they have to go underground and they find a girl who says her name is Sapphira and can make fire by just saying 'flame!'. She also says that she knows where Ashley's brother is. Can they trust her? Or will she lead them to thier doom?

The Last of the Nephilim

(Oracles of Fire Series)

By Bryan Davis

When Billy finds out that Bonnie is in trouble he wants to help her. But first he must find her. You see, Bonnie and her Mom went into hiding so that they could just relax for a while. But, then the slayers came out again. Will Billy be able to help Bonnie? Will either of them survive?

I am still waiting for the next book to come out after this one. These are two of my top for series.

Next time I will post reviews on Donita K. Paul's books.

And, before I forget,


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