Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I think I should post more....

Well... I only had one person to guess.... I guess that means I need to post more.... Hmmm....

Well, the person to win was Kate! Congrats Kate!!!!! To see what songs she got right, just go to her comment in the last post.

Here are the lists of the songs that I put up:

1)Give it Away ~ Micheal W. Smith
2) Gotta Go ~ Toby Mac
3) Be Alright ~ DecembeRadio
4) Audience of One ~ Big Daddy Weave
5) Down the Road ~ Ricky Skaggs
6) Back Where You Belong ~ Newsong
7) Prayin' For Daylight ~ Rascal Flatts
8) At Last ~ Etta James
9) The Great Pretender ~ The Platters
10) Deliver Me ~ The David Crowder Band
11) Arise my Love ~ Newsong
12) My Chains are Gone ~ Chris Tomlin

Sorry for posting this late! I've been kinda busy. :)

Tomorrow is Benjamin's Gotcha Day. That's the day that we 'got' him from Guatemala. Here is the link to his story: