Sunday, July 11, 2010

Camp, Mountains, and Pancakes.

Alright, so just were HAVE I been these past few weeks? Well, first, I went to CAMP! I love church camp! This years theme was Space Camp. Below is my team's ship that we carried around during the game time.

Here is the stage with the "Space Camp" screen.

This is on the other side of our ship.

These are a couple of friends I met at camp this year. We went on a hike and this is what was at the top. Beautiful what God makes, huh?

This was also on the hike. We were so close to the power lines that you could hear the electricity moving through the lines!

Several people brought guitars and during our free times we would gather and sing songs. FUN!!! Of course, this has made me want to learn the acoustic guitar. Hehe, will see how that goes ;) .

After camp, I stayed a week in the mountains visiting friends and family. Below, you can see some of my friends riding on one of my friends horses. I adore horses! They are so beautiful and just down right cool. :P

I also made a pepperoni/celery pizza at one of other friend's houses. YUMMMMMMM!!!!!

I got home on Friday. Saturday we had a pancake breakfast fundraiser for our trip this next week. Down there is Daddy holding up signs on the side of the road, trying to flag down some cars to stop. Go, Daddy, go!!!!! :)

Well, thats where I have been! I might get to post next week, might not. Just depends. :)

Friday, July 9, 2010

im posting from...

... MY KINDLE! Yes thats right. i finally figured out how to get online with my kindle and now i am extremely happy. this is also why you will notice that there is pretty much no puncuation and probably some mispellings. just so you know.

anyway as you know i have been away for about three weeks now and will be gone again next week. i had a wonderful time at the mission trip and at camp. this past week i was at my grandparents andthat was super fun as well. i will post pictures when i am able and will go into more detail.

i will say this one thing though. my mind has been changed about one subject this past week. what is the subject yu ask? SILLYBANDS. i admit that i was quite prejudice against them for a while. but then my sister gave me some VT sillybands. the world has never been the same since. of corse one of my friends then gave me a few of hers and i am now proudly wearing all six of my sillybands on my arm. im really moving up in the world huh? haha. i just might post pictures on here of all my sillybands. what do you think about sillybands?