Saturday, March 6, 2010

Basketball has come to a (almost) close!

Well, the church basketball season ended today for my team and I. We played two games. We won the the first and lost the last. In the first game, I hit three 3 pointers plus another 2 pointer basket! In the second game I had to come out of the game during the fourth period because I got an elbow to the nose. My nose started bleeding pretty bad, but it stopped about ten to fifteen minutes after the blow and now all the swelling has gone down! :D All that's left is a headache.
Below is the whole team. I am in the green jacket and Jackie, my sister, is over two people from me.

And here I am holding ice up to my nose after the bleeding had stopped.

Now, the reason I say that the season has almost come to a close is my church as an annual "March Madness" night. That night the church ladies go against the church girl youth in basketball! The same thing happens for the all the men and boys. I can't wait for it to happen! Last year the girls and boys youth won. I wonder if it will be the same this year???

Tomorrow is my Mom's birthday ( )! So, just in case I can't post tomorrow, I want to go ahead and say Happy Birthday to my Mom. I love you, Mommy!

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