Saturday, January 23, 2010

Teen Girl's Daybook #3 (even though it should be 5! :-/ )

Here is the long awaited Teen Girl's Daybook! Also, make sure you read the whole post because I think a certain super hero might be making an appearance somewhere down there! ;) Want to do the Teen Girl's Daybook? Find out how here.
Date... 1-25-10
Starting time... 2:24 PM
Mood... Expecting
Outside my window... it is sunny and warm! (In Jan.... that is just little weird for me! :P)
I'm thinking... about a book I am reading
I'm reading... three or four different books...
I'm listening to... My Mom teaching my little sibs
I'm wearing... pink sweatpants and a gray shirt
Yesterday, I... couldn't go to sleep!
I'm excited for... Sunday!
I'm sad because... I'm not really sad
I'm hungry for... CHOCOLATE
The song stuck inside my head is... "Love Bug" by the Jonas Brothers (NOOO!!!! MUST STOP!)
I want... my seat back
I love... my family
I loathe... when I dream that my sister is singing Jonas Brother songs and then I end up getting one of them stuck in my head....
This week, my goal is... to drink more water
Did I meet last week's goal?... Yup!
Ending time... 2:34 PM
Now! Please stand to your feet and meet
BAT BOY!!!!!!!!
He is such the fashion minded hero. Notice the long cape that ends in points an begins with duck taped ears. The mask is also a fine point to the costume as it is crooked and adds mysteriousness. The normal athletic looking clothes that wears underneath are just so he look pretty casual in case he needs too. But in reality, these same clothes that you now peer at are really bullet proofed, fire proofed, water proofed, and (as an add on) Boo proofed. The socks are just socks though. He forgot his shoes.

Here is close up of the handsome warrior in black (and red and white)

Now, this fella here is the Bat Dog. He enjoys taking long naps upside down.

And this picture here is just so that I have proof that Boo is taking up BOTH of he sides of my chair!!!!!! HU-rumph.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

AH! So sorry....

There is my puppy! He is all better now and I would like to thank you all for the prayers! He is jumping around and is showing cat who is boss. (Of course, that means that she likes my chair all the more... But, that's alright as we seem to have come to an agreement. One half of the chair is mine while the other half is hers. What she doesn't know is that I sit on her side when she isn't around :P )

Okay, I just realized that I (once again) forgot to do the Teen Girl's Daybook! I am very sorry about this. I am going to have to find some way to remind myself... Hmm... Any ideas, anybody???

Tomorrow (hopefully tomorrow, anyway) I am going to blog about a superhero who seems to have taking a liking to my house! It's really very exhilarating.... :P

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Alright, a blog that I have recently found is having a 100th post giveaway! Above is a picture of the wonderful scarf that is to be the prize. To enter in the contest, go to this address:

Saturday, January 16, 2010

My Poor Puppy....

This is my poor, sick puppy. He is still throwing up and he won't eat hardly anything. We are having to force him to drink liquids... We have officially named him, though! His name is Bladen. Personally, I was pulling for the name Jones. Both of our dogs would have 'j' names (Jackson and Jones) and he just looks like a Jones to me, but Benjamin (my 4 year old little brother) would have nothing of it. His name was to be Bladen, and that was that. (Kinda funny how much "power" you have when you are smaller, huh?)

Anyway, we have been nursing Bladen back to a more healthy state in our living room. Boo (the cat that abhors dogs with a passion) now spends most of her time in my room in my chair, sleeping. I'm not quite sure that I agree with this, but if I try to move her, she will just hop right back up there on the chair, hiss at me, and go back to sleep. Needless to say, I gave up trying to regain my chair. Hopefully, once Bladen is back on his feet she will move out of "my" chair and go back downstairs.

On a different note, I had a church basketball game this morning. And I swished a THREE POINTER! It was my first three pointer ever in a game! I'm pretty excited with myself... I will try to get some pictures up of my church team when I can. I am number 13 again this year. It kind of grew on me last year I think.

Please keep Bladen in your prayers, as well as the church basketball team! Thanks everyone!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I got a new puppy! AND it has parvo!!! Woo hoo!

Well, as the title says I got a new puppy! We aren't sure what kind he is (we got him from the local shelter), but he is really cute and pretty laid back for a puppy (That's a GOOD thing!). I took the pictures below with my new digicam that I got for CHRISTmas. In the picture below, you have probably noticed that the subject is not a dog, but a cat. Well, that is because my cat, Boo, abhors dogs and I thought I would give you a look at what she thought of the whole thing. Notice the arched back and extremely fluffy tail.Here he is getting some playing time with our other dog, Jackson.
And here Mom is giving him some love which he is really getting into! Can't you just see that look in his eye? Oh yeah... That's the spot...

We haven't named the thing yet, but there are some suggestions floating about the house.

However, this isn't the all happy-go-lucky story that it might seem to be. Wanna know why? Good. It is because yesterday Nameless woke up and was throwing up and not eating. As the day progressed, it got worse and my Mom finally decided to take him to the vet (when my mother decides to take an animal to the vet, it's pretty bad). So, now Jackie is making him drink some Gatorade every 30 minutes and we are praying that Jackson doesn't get it as well. Please be praying for us!

On a happier note, our church now has the beginnings of a youth drama team! I am really enjoying that and we recently preformed a version of the drama to the song "He Is" . You can go to this site ( ) to see a version of this drama. This isn't the version we did. We only had four people in it, but I still think that we did pretty awesome! I will try to get a video of us doing up sometime soon!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Teen Girl's Daybook #2

Want to do the Teen Girl's Daybook? Find out how here.
Date... 1-11-10
Starting time... 4:54 PM
Mood... Melancholy
Outside my window... are a bunch of trees
I'm thinking... about school
I'm reading... Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
I'm listening to... Nothing.... (Ah, bliss...)
I'm wearing... jeans a long sleeved shirt
Yesterday, I... did a drama at church
I'm excited for... Lizzie coming this weekend!
I'm sad because... I just finished an AWESOME book! (Curse of the Spider King by Wayne Thomas Batson and Christopher Hopper)
I'm hungry for... Noodles
The song stuck inside my head is... Spider Man Theme
I want... to be forever finished with school work
I love... reading
I loathe... running
This week, my goal is... to find some new books to read
Did I meet last week's goal?... Sorta.
Ending time... 5:19 pm (I had to stop in the middle)

I am SOOOOOOO sorry that I missed last week everyone! I got sick (we do NOT want to go into specifics there. Trust me. ) and was on the couch pretty much all of last week. Again, VERY sorry everyone!