Monday, April 19, 2010

Teen Girl's Daybook #13

Date... April 19, 2010
Starting time... 12:29 PM
Mood... Just kinda blah.
Outside my window... There isn't an window in the room I'm sitting in...
I'm thinking... about silly NC state laws
I'm reading... a book! :P
I'm listening to... Jackie singing
I'm wearing... my Eeuore University Tshirt and some shorts
Yesterday... I didn't go to church because Ben is sick
I'm sad because... I have to wait for Take Four by Karen Kingsbury to come out.
I'm hungry for... a pollo salad
The song stuck inside my head is... He lives
I want... my new glasses to be here!
I love... Church Camp
I loathe... getting all excited for something and then being disappointed
This week, my goal is... to learn all I can about the government
Did I meet last week's goal?... Sorta....
Ending time... 12:34PM

Did you know that it is against the law in NC to have a elephant plow a cotton field? YES, I'm being serious! Are there any other laws out there that you think are funny? They don't have to be for NC, but leave me a comment with a funny law in it!


Shaynie said...

Are you serious?! That's such a weird law! :)

Memzie said...

That is hilarious! What an outlandish law! How did you find out about it?

K.M. Weiland said...

That's hilarious about the elephant. Makes you wonder what prompted the "need" for these laws in the first place. The law I get the biggest kick out of is the one that forces drivers to stop on the side of the road, take their cars apart, and cover the pieces with a tarp whenever they see a horse coming.

Shaynie said...

I awarded you over at my blog!