Thursday, April 8, 2010

Giveaway is over!

Yep, my giveaway is over. And you all know what that means! WE GET TO SEE WHO WON! :)
I had three people to enter my giveaway. They are:
Lindsay @
Fashionablylate (who doesn't have a blog that I am aware off. So sorry if you do!)
Shaynie @

Thanks SO much for entering my giveaway guys! Anyway, I guess you will want to know who won? Yes? Okay, I will tell you! :P Haha...

I had my mother, sister, and cousin pick out the winners. The first person to be drawn out of the hat was....... FASHIONABLYLATE!!!! Congrats! Please leave me a comment with your address in it (I have comment moderation on, so no one will be able to see it) and what color you want your new necklace to be.

The second person to be drawn for the earrings is.............. LINDSAY!!!! Of course, then I realized that she had said that she didn't have her ears pierced. SO, what I am going to do is switch the earrings out for a bracelet or anklet (you can pick). Please leave me a comment with your address and if you will please measure how big your wrist is so that I don't make it to big or small. Also, I need to know what color you want it.

But guess what! I have decided that SHAYNIE will receive the earrings that I said I would giveaway! :) So, Shaynie, please comment on here with your address and what color you want then to be!

Thanks SO MUCH for entering by giveaway guys! I will post pictures of the jewelry that I make for these ladies so that everyone can see what they got! :D

Also, I have a question for all of you. I am thinking about starting a photography blog once my own computer is up and running again. What do you think? I will put a poll over there --> somewhere about this. Anyway, I wanted to say thank you to all of you who are following my blog! I HAVE 30 FOLLOWERS! That is a A BUNCH, yall... :P


Kendra Logan said...

You've been tagged on Carpe Diem! Sorry I forgot to tell you! Here's the link to the post:


Anonymous said...

Hi Katie! I just wanted to let you know I got the earrings today and they are just lovely! They are so pretty! Thanks so much! :)