Monday, February 15, 2010

Teen Girl's Daybook #6 and some Valentine's Day stuff

Date... 2-15-10
Starting time... 6:50 pm
Mood... just a little ticked...
Outside my window... are two cars
I'm thinking... how glad I am that God is my Dad
I'm reading... More than one thing
I'm listening to... 'We Shine' by Stellar Kart
I'm wearing... Basketball shorts, a floppy t-shirt, socks and an ankle brace
Yesterday, I... played handbells at church
I'm excited for... Mrs. Tammy is coming down here!
I'm sad because... I twisted my ankle last night and now it's all swollen, meaning that I most likely will not be able to play basketball tonight. :(
I'm hungry for... CHOCOLATE!
The song stuck inside my head is... "We Shine"
I want... my ankle to be better
I love... God
I loathe... prideful people.... -.-
This week, my goal is... to finish Pride and Prejudice!
Did I meet last week's goal?.... Yup!
Ending time... 6:58 pm

Happy (late) Valentine's Day, Everyone! I hope you all had a great day! I had pretty good one, but (as you should already know :P ) I twisted my ankle pretty bad last night. Thing is, I wasn't even really doing much of anything! What happened was I was playing Knock Out with a friend and I was running/walking (scurrying?) back to the Free Throw Line and I just stepped on my ankle weird and it went -pop!- . *sigh*

So who knows why we have Valentine's Day? Well, until about 1969, it was another saint's day (St. Valentine) observed by the Catholic Church. It was removed from the Catholic Church Calender in 1969, but it has continued on to become a national holiday!

So what did this guy do to get a national holiday named after him? As the story goes, Valentine was a Roman priest when his King decided that there were to few men in the army. So in order to gain more soldiers, he decided to make marriage against the law. The soldiers would have less to loose, I guess? Anyway, Valentine DID NOT agree with this, and so he started preforming secret marriages! Well, you probably guessed this, but he one day he caught, was taken to prison and sentenced to death. However, while he was in the prison the jailers daughter came to him. The jailer's daughter was blind, but Valentine prayed over her and she received her sight! Well, they fell in love, but Valentine was still killed :( . He left the jailer's daughter a note though, and signed it 'Your Valentine' .

So, there is your history for the day! :)

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