Tuesday, April 1, 2008

FunnyVideos So, it's April Fools. I figured I would put one of my favorite April Fool's jokes on my blog! My parents have done this one on us a number of times, and we (that is, my siblings and I) have pretty much fallen for it EVERY time FunnyVideos !!!

Here's the joke:

My Mother or Father bursts into the room in the morning, waking me up, and pretty much shouts , "Katie!!! Katie!!! There's a bear outside!!! There's a bear outside!!!" So, I jump out of the bed, rush to the window, and look franticly around trying to spot the thing. "Where is it?!?" I ask, and then (of course!) "APRIL FOOLS!!!!!" FunnyVideos I fall for it almost anytime!!!! Grrrr.....

Well, right now I am watching Biggest Loser, so I am going to stop writing and start watching!!!! FunnyVideos

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