Saturday, March 29, 2008

The past few days

Sorry I haven't posted in a few days! I have been BUSY!!!! FunnyVideos

OK, the main subjects of my busy days are: playing handbells at a handbell practice, homeless shelter, and being gone all day with my grandpa and grandma. FunnyVideos

OK, handbell practice pretty much explains itself FunnyVideos. Playing handbells at a homeless shelter: we (my handbell choir and IFunnyVideos) went to ring and do volunteer work at a homeless shelter. We cleaned lockers, chairs, and a fence. We also got to work in the shelter thrift store and help serve food before we rang our bells (which, in my opinion, was REALLY fun!!!FunnyVideos). As for being out all day with my grandparents, we just went out all day to see some things and eat out....

We also had a snow storm this week, and the picture up at the top was taken by me at that time. The picture up there is also on my Mother's blog. The dog is Jackson, my lovely puppy!FunnyVideos

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