Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Benjamin's Birthday

Tomorrow is Benjamin's (my little brother) 3rd Birthday. We are going to McDonalds to have a little party for him. He is SO excited!!!!Find UK Solicitors

Benjamin is all about Blue's Clues these days, so his cake is going to be a Paw Print. My Mom is going to make it. Isn't she wonderful?!?Find UK Solicitors

Jackie and Joseph (my other siblings) have been trying to get Benjamin all excited about the presents. Benjamin is still looking foward to the cake, though... He's all about the cake this year!Find UK Solicitors Who knows why????

Last Saturday we went to vist some of my Mom's family, so that they could have a little B-day party for Ben too. They live about 3 hours away, you see. We went to my Aunt Shannon and Uncle Ronnie's cabin up in the woods. Ben loved it! Well, all except losing his new soccer ball to a hill. He just set it down for a moment and there it went! Down, down, down....... But don't worry! There is a happy ending to this story! My Aunt and Uncle found the ball after we left, so Ben can have his ball when we see them again. He's pretty excited about that!Find UK Solicitors

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tomboy said...

Poor Ben! Glad they found his ball!!