Wednesday, October 22, 2008

We are moving.....AGAIN!

Yep! That's right! We are moving again! You see, the house that we are( or should I say were???unhappy smileys ) in was kept on the market. We actually told the guy that we are renting the house from to keep it on the market because they had had it on the market for a couple of years and had barely been looked at. We figured that it wouldn't hurt to just keep it on the market. Well... uh.. you see what happened! smilies src="" border=0>

Well, I am actually glad that we are moving because the house that we are moving to has built in speakers so that you can listen to music, and that is in almost every room! I thought that was really cool!innocent smileys Also, this house is bigger than the house we are currently living in. THAT IS A VERY BIG PLUS! winking smileys

So, do you like the new look??? I got kinda board of the dots so I changed! I think I like this better but I'm not sure yet. unhappy smileys What do you guys think???? OH! Here is a video that I think yall will like!:


I thought that was SO FUNNY! happy smileys

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