Thursday, October 9, 2008

Reviews for Wayne Thomas Batson

Hello! I am going to do some more reviews for the contest I'm in. YES, I'm in ANOTHER contest! Anyway, here are the reviews:

Books by Wayne Thomas Batson:
The Door Within
Aiden Thomas has just moved to his Grampin's house. His family and he have had to move because Aiden's Grampin is very sick. Aiden hates it. He had to move away from his only friend, Robby. But, then Aiden gets to go to Alleble. Alleble is the world of the Glimpses. But Alleble is at war, and all of the Glimpses seem to think that Aiden is going to be a great knight and lead them all to a great victory. Can Aiden do it? Find out in 'The Door Within'!
The Rise of the Wyrm Lord
Aiden has come back from Alleble very changed. He now paints and practices his sword. He also has a very strong trust in King Eliam. He is starting High School this year, and is very nervous. He meets a girl, Anttionette, who also believes in Alleble. When Aiden learns that Attionette is being called to Alleble, he hopes that perhaps she can reach his good friend Robby with the message that King Eliam lives.
The Final Storm
Aiden has been reading his Grampin's journals and in one of them is letter for Aiden! Aiden's Grampin thinks that Aiden will be going back to Alleble! It turns out that he is right! Once Aiden is back in Alleble, he learns that there a Three Witnesses to be found. The Three Witnesses are crucial to Alleble's peace and winning of the war. Will they be able to find them in time???
Isle of Swords
Declan Ross and his daughter, Anne, are pirates. Declan does not want to be a pirate, but he has no choice. Then Anne finds a boy who cannot remember who he is and Declan takes him on as a ships hand. They soon find out that he knows more about ships and sword fighting than a regular boy should. So, where did he come from? Then there's the matter of a HUGE treasure that could deliver the Rosses from piracy forever. But, in the way will Declan and Anne find a treasure worth more than gold?
Isle of Fire
Declan and Anne Ross have left piracy behind them and are now trying to get other pirates to leave piracy behind as well. But, then Bartholomew Thorne, the most horrible pirate on the seas, is out to get the Rosses as well as Cat, the boy that Anne found whose memory was lost. Will they be able to succeed in turning more pirates from piracy? Or will they just end up being killed by Bartholomew Thorne like many before them?
OK, I know that I said that I would be posting reviews for Donita K. Paul's books, but I just really wanted to do reviews on Wayne Thomas Batson's books this time, so I will do reviews on Donita K. Paul's books next time. See ya' later!
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