Saturday, October 31, 2009


I have decided to have some fun! What I'm going to do is, I'm going to get my iPod, put it on Shuffle, and list the first 12 songs that it picks. I will list a few of the lyrics for each song and you guys get to guess what song it is! The one who gets the most correct will be announced in my next post, 10 days from now, on Nov. 11th. OK! Here are the lyrics:

1. A father lived in silence saw his son become a man, there was a distance fell between them because he could not understand that Love isn't Love, until you give it away.

2. I gotta go, I'm 'bout to do a show, can't take the stress, wanna give you my best Lord, can't sing with this hangin' over me, but the show must go on, Lord, set me free.

3. You've got world upon your shoulders - it don't have to be this way, you can't stop your heart from hurtin' - or take the pain away.

4. I come on my knees - to lay down before you, bringing all that I am - longing only to know You .

5. Down the road just a mile or two - lives my little girl name Pearly Blue, 'bout so high and her hair brown - prettiest thing boys in this town.

6. I hear you sayin' that you life is an illusion - there's something missing deep inside, I think you know that there is only one solution - your Fathers waiting for ya' with arms open wide.

7. I've got the lights turned up - back doors locked - bedroom tv's on, doing the only thing that gets me through the nights since you been gone.

8. At last - my love as come along, my lonely days are over - and life is like a song.

9. Oh yes I'm the great pretender - pretending that loves still around, my need is such I pretend too much - I'm lonely but no one can tell.

10. All of my life I've been in hiding - wishing there was someone just like You, now that you're here - now that I've found You.

11. Not a word was heard a the tomb that day - just shuffling soldier's feet as they guarded the grave, one day - two days - threes days had passed - could be that Jesus had breathed his last.

12. My chains are gone - I've been set free, my God my Savior -has ransomed me.

Alright there they are! The lyrics happen at any time in the song. Also, I'm not going to posting comments until November 11th so that nobody can cheat off of anyone. LET IT BEGIN! ;)

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kate said...

ok so the only one i kno is amazing grace (my chains are gone) haha but u can't see the lyrics in the yellow... just thot i'd tell ya. :) good idea tho!!