Monday, March 23, 2009

Swordfish and Tim Hawkins

On Friday, Dad took us all out to do a day trip to a few places. First, we went to Lake Waccamaw and we saw 4 wild alligators! Now, we are mountain people, and alligators do NOT congregate up in the mountains! We were all looking at them and Mama was taking pictures like crazy! Benjamin saw one and he covered up his eyes with his hands and started screaming, "I'm not looking, Mama! I'm not looking, Mama! Get me outa this mess!" Who knows where he learned that little part about the "mess".....

Later that evening, we went to a seafood place. The only seafood restaurant I can really remember going to is our Mountain Surf, the squatty little seafood place up in the mountains. So, going into this big building with a whole bunch of aquariums, was quite the new experiance. I had never seen sushi before either. GROSS.... I didn't try it (my Dad didn't try it, and if he doesn't try it, it's a big no-no!), but I DID try swordfish!!! It tasted a lot like tuna steak! It was really good! I just wish I could have seen it's nose! :)

Well, that's the 'Swordfish' part, so here is the 'Tim Hawkins' part:

I hope you enjoyed that! :)

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kate said...

that video is great. hilarious :)