Sunday, July 6, 2008


Hi! I am going to be going to camp tomorrow! YAY!!! This one is the Church Camp. This is my 3rd time going. I LOVE this camp! It's great!
GUESS WHAT! I HAVE ALL OF MY CAMP MONEY!!!!! YES!!!!! *Does a little happy dance*
adult smileys adult smileys adult smileys

OK, so I guess I will post about my trip sometime when I get back! I will be back on the 11th, but I most likely will not be posting befor the 12th. OK, TTYL!

Oh, by the way, my Mom made this video for the contest! Oh, and I got 5th place in it! I also got 4 FREE books!

Make sure to have your volume on! OK, this time it's for real! TTYL! adult smileys

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