Wednesday, May 28, 2008

(MORE!!!) Baby Hamsters

Yes, that's right! MORE BABY HAMSTERS!!!!!! One of Jackie's former baby hamsters (White Lily) had baby hamsters!!! 10 of the little rodents. Although, one of them has died, so actually right now it is only 9. Jackie was groaning and carry on like no other! I think she doesn't like hamsters as much as she used to. She even let Rosie and another one of the hamsters (something to do with a flower... Jackie really likes flowers...) go into the wild! The "other hamster " was looking REALLY pregnant. I think that's why Jackie let her go. You see why I have a boy hamster!!!Commercial Mortgages

I think that brings the total of all hamsters to: 12!!!!!!

Well, about a week ago my Mom and I entered a photo contest at our local library. Guess what! We both won a 1st place!!!!Commercial Mortgages My 1st place winner is over there to the left. I won in Things. Mama won in People. Leave me a comment if you want me to put her picture of Uncle Ronnie over there!!!

Well, tonight is the Fine Arts Festival for Homeschoolers. The bell group is playing and my siblings and some friends and I are going to do a stick drama called 'Arise my Love'. I will try to put a video of it on here (if we get to video tape it, our video camera is acting weird....Commercial Mortgages ). Jackie will also be singing and so will Benjamin. As Benjamin is only three, we will be singing 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star'. It is SOOOOOOO cute!!!!! Commercial Mortgages

Favorite Smiley of the Week

Commercial Mortgages


Anonymous said...

katie you are doing great with your photography. I am very proud of you keep up the good work.Love auntie c

pegleg said...

Katie, I have enjoyed looking at your blog. We miss that sweet smile on Sunday mornings. We miss all of you. I am so glad you got honorable mention on the photo of the dog, that was a great pic. I hope you are enjoying your knew move and having fun. God throws things at us sometimes that we don't understand but He knows what's best. Just be happy and have fun. God bless you and we love you. peggy